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When we talk about the celebration of life, we must remember that it’s meant to be a unique service. Every family has a different approach to what legacy means to them, and it’s entirely valid to come up with diverse ideas. The goal is to make it memorable and enlightening for those who love and care about our special person.

What is a Celebration of Life Service?

A celebration of life service is a time for loved ones to gather and celebrate what made their loved ones unique. This service is similar to a funeral service. Still, it gives families more options for creativity and often takes place after the funeral.


It’s about family and friends coming together to share memories of their loved ones and what made them special.


With personalized service, your family can genuinely honor who your loved one was. For instance, if your loved one was a wine connoisseur, your service could include a toast to them. Another idea is to choose decorations or memorabilia to display based on their hobbies or interests. You could even use the service as a time for everyone to gather at a special place to scatter their ashes.


Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Service Ideas

Celebration of life ceremonies can be anything that your family desires, but some ideas to give you some inspiration include: 


  • Having a releasing ceremony to honor your loved one’s life. 
  • Holding the service in a unique location like a local park or restaurant. 
  • Inviting a local band to play at the service. 
  • Making all your loved ones’ favorite foods or ordering catering from their favorite restaurant. 
  • Inviting funeral guests to read poems or scriptures that remind them of your loved one.



When should you have a celebration of life?

You can arrange a celebration of life service anytime. It could be right after the funeral services if you feel it’s appropriate for your family. Sometimes it can be helpful with our healing journey and grieving process. However, you can also prepare a celebration of life for your loved one’s anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion.


The celebration of life ceremony can take place at a funeral home or at a venue of your choice. Remember that it should be a place with the right amenities to provide a pleasant environment. At our Funeral Home, we can provide you with beautiful and accessible facilities and a trained staff who will make you and your guests feel at home.


What to say at a Celebration of Life service?

Although it is a much more relaxed service than a funeral or memorial service, celebrating your loved one’s life does not have to be cliché. Think of moments you had together and genuinely describe that memory.


Start your speech with words of encouragement or a phrase that your loved one used to say. Look for fun memories and relaxed chats you used to have: that vacation at the beach, that meal you prepared together, the day you went dancing or fishing, the moment you took a big step or made a big decision, etc.


The essential thing here is to share with others what made our loved ones special. We all always like it when we receive a compliment. Think of this service as a beautiful and enormous compliment to our loved ones.




Planning a Celebration of Life? Turn to Us. We Can Help.

Our staff can help your family plan a meaningful celebration of life service that honors your loved one’s life. Because we understand that your loved one was a one-of-a-kind person who deserves a one-of-a-kind ceremony.


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